Slider Windows

Horizontal Slider Windows

Horizontal slider windows are ideal for framing a view or brightening a room and is a favorite style for contemporary and modern home because it offers maximum glass area.

A slider window have fewer parts than conventional windows, making them a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice for residential home owners. In addition, they offer durability, security and energy efficiency at an affordable cost.

A slider window makes for an easy-opening window over kitchen counters and sinks. What’s more, because sliding windows open without using any exterior or interior space, they are ideal for walkways, patios or other places where you wouldn’t want a window to overhang.

And the best part about the horizontal slider windows are they make cleaning a breeze! When not in the locked position the sashes may be lifted out for secure and effortless cleaning eliminating the need for exterior cleaning. The horizitonal slider windows is available as part of Seaway’s Encore or Ovation window collections

If you are looking for an energy efficient home improvement that will increase your property value and energy savings, call our Knoxville replacement window team today to learn more about our top quality, horizontal slider windows.