Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows embrace a design that enhances the luxury of contemporary and traditional home styles alike. Casement replacement windows offer a number of attractive design features and can be customized for precise size and desired color.

Casement replacement windows are a great alternative to traditional double-hung windows. A casement replacement window consists of one or more individual sashes that attach to walls using vertical hinges. The hinges allow casement windows to swing wide open allowing for a higher degree of ventilation or air-flow, even in small openings. In addition, they provide excellent natural lighting and good noise reduction. And because they open outward, their sashes close against their frames, forming a tighter seal making them very energy efficient.

And the best part about the casement window is they make cleaning a breeze! When opened completely, both panes of glass can be easily cleaned from the interior of your home. The casement window is available as part of Seaway’s Encore or Ovation window collections.

If you are looking for an energy efficient home improvement that will increase your property value and energy savings, call our Knoxville replacement window team today to learn more about our top quality, casement windows.

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